Men’s Formal Wear Tips & Selecting a Tuxedo Supplier


Finding the perfect Tuxedo and rental company for your wedding.

1- Research Do your homework by researching tuxedo shops online and check  their reviews.  Go as far as placing a call and see how you felt about their expertise in their field.

2- Selection Most important is to have all of the latest in men’s formal wear and top designers in the trim modern and skinny fit tuxedos along with trim and skinny pant options.

3- Groom Preview Try on the tuxedo well before the wedding to assure that is the look you were going  after for the wedding.

4- Out of Town groomsmen Arrange with your tuxedo supplier for a tailor to be present for your groomsmen traveling in from out of town for any last minute alterations or changes on the spot.

5- Custom Fitting Tuxedo Rentals Not everyone is built the same. If you have a body builder or not off the rack  size person in your wedding, make sure they will be able to alter the tux as needed as most formal wear company’s will not alter the tuxedo.

6- Men’s Night Out Consider a men’s night out at the grooms house or location of choice and have the tuxedo company come to measure everyone.

7- Day of Dressing Service Have a personal dresser at your wedding for the men as he will stage photos for the photographer, tie the real bow ties and pin the boutonnieres and even manage their time lines.

8- Complimentary Pick- up Service Have the tuxedos picked up after the wedding from the hotel or location of your choice.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You hired a photographer and video production co to capture your event as it unfolds.

Your Formal Wear Company’s main job is to dress the stars for this event as it plays out to make them look and feel amazing.

Enjoy you planning and I hope this was helpful.

James Buchakjian    Tuxologist Sagets Formal Wear

Photo Credit: Krista Patton Photography

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